RMI Remote Method Invocation

자바 RMI를 기준으로 Stub과 Skeleton을 설명한 아래 원문을 참조하면,
Stub은 클라이언트 측에 있고, Skeleton은 서버 측에 있다.
Stub은 Skeleton의 프록시 역할을,
Skeleton은 서버 객체의 프록시 역할을 한다.

The rmic compiler generates two files: a stub and a skeleton. The stub resides on the client machine and the skeleton resides on the server machine. The stub and skeleton are comprised of Java code that provides the necessary link between the two objects.
When a client invokes a server method, the JVM looks at the stub to do type checking (since the class defined within the stub is an image of the server class). The request is then routed to the skeleton on the server, which in turn calls the appropriate method on the server object. In other words, the stub acts as a proxy to the skeleton and the skeleton is a proxy to the actual remote method.


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